Google in Nepal

After much anticipation, Google LLC, the world’s largest digital company, has finally registered in Nepal, a move that will bring benefits to the US-based entity under Nepal’s tax system. This landmark event also makes Google the first and largest tech company to be registered in Nepal. The Nepalese government recently passed a bill to tax internet-based businesses, and Google’s registration under this law is a significant achievement for the government.

As per Raju Prasad Pyakurel, the spokesperson for the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), Google has registered to pay the electronic service tax required under the current fiscal year’s 2079-80 Government Financial Act. All the various services and products provided by Google in Nepal will be subject to this tax. The company is registered under the name of its regional office in Singapore. The IRD has assigned the task of administering the electronic service tax to the large taxpayer office at Harihar Bhawan in Lalitpur. As part of this registration, Google will pay a two percent transaction tax on every transaction in Nepal.

Dear Mom,

On this special day, I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life. Your unwavering love, endless support, and constant presence have made me the person I am today. You have always been my rock, my source of inspiration, and my guiding light.

Your hard work and dedication have been the cornerstone of our family’s success. You have sacrificed so much to ensure that we have everything we need, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Your commitment and resilience are truly remarkable, and your unwavering determination to provide for us is something that I will always admire.

Your presence in my life is irreplaceable, and I cannot imagine my life without you. Your warmth, kindness, and love have touched my heart in countless ways, and I will always cherish the memories we have shared together. You have taught me so much about life, and I am forever grateful for everything that you have done for me.

On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best mom in the world. Your love has been a constant source of strength and comfort, and your unwavering support has meant everything to me. I love you more than words can express, and I am so grateful for all that you do.

Thank you for being my mom, my mentor, and my best friend. Your presence in my life has made all the difference, and I will always cherish the memories we have shared together. Happy Mother’s Day!

Sony World Photography Award 2023: Winner refuses award after revealing AI creation.

AI image generation refers to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms and software to create images that mimic human-created images. This technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, allowing for the creation of highly realistic and detailed images that can be used in a variety of applications, including advertising, video games, and even art.

Here are ten tools that are commonly used for AI image generation:

NVIDIA StyleGAN2: A popular tool for generating high-quality synthetic images.

DALL-E: A text-to-image generator that can create images from natural language descriptions.

DeepDream: A tool that uses machine learning algorithms to create surreal and dream-like images.

GPT-3 Image Completion: An image completion tool that can generate realistic images based on incomplete or partial images.

ArtBreeder: An online tool that allows users to create and blend images using AI-generated elements.

BigGAN: A tool that uses deep learning algorithms to generate high-resolution images.

Neural Style Transfer: A technique that allows users to transfer the style of one image onto another using AI algorithms.

DeepArt.io: A tool that allows users to transform their photos into works of art using AI-powered filters.

DeepFaceLab: A tool that can create realistic face swaps and manipulations using deep learning algorithms.

CycleGAN: A tool that can be used to generate images that are similar to a target image, but with a different style or appearance.

TikTok fined £12.7m for misusing children’s data.

TikTok is a popular social media app that has gained immense popularity among young people in recent years. While the app has been used for entertainment and creativity, it has also been misused by some individuals. In this essay, we will discuss some of the ways TikTok has been misused.

Firstly, TikTok has been used to spread misinformation and fake news. Many users have been found to spread conspiracy theories and false information about a variety of topics, including health, politics, and current events. These false claims can be harmful and misleading, leading people to make decisions that could negatively impact their lives.

Secondly, TikTok has been used to bully and harass individuals. Cyberbullying is a major issue on social media platforms, and TikTok is no exception. Users have been known to target individuals and use the app’s features to ridicule and humiliate them. This kind of behavior can have serious psychological effects on the victim, and it is unacceptable.

Thirdly, TikTok has been used to promote unhealthy behaviors. The app has been known to feature videos of people engaging in dangerous and harmful activities, such as binge drinking, drug abuse, and extreme stunts. This content can be incredibly influential, especially on young and impressionable viewers.

Finally, TikTok has been used to promote inappropriate content. There have been reports of users sharing sexually explicit content, which is not suitable for minors or the general public. Such content can be harmful to the mental and emotional well-being of viewers, and it is important to regulate it.

In conclusion, while TikTok is an entertaining and engaging platform, it has been misused by some individuals to spread misinformation, bully and harass others, promote unhealthy behaviors, and share inappropriate content. As a society, we must take steps to address these issues and ensure that TikTok remains a safe and positive platform for all users.


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